Stories from South America: Desierto de Atacama

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Thursday: We woke up at 4:30 and by 5am were on a bus to the airport for our last major group trip. The sky was dark, the stars remained hidden above smog, and the full moon shone brightly over the horizon. After arriving at the airport, making it through security, waiting for Cinnabon to open, […]

Stories from South America: Easter Island

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THURSDAY At 5:30am, 13 students gathered in the apartment lobby to catch our shuttle to the airport for Easter Island. We piled into two groups, checked in our bags, and very soon our phones had already automatically connected to the Starbucks wifi. I sat and waited for the plane with Daniel and Christie, when a […]

Stories from South America: Pucon

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PUCON: WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Our adventure began on Wednesday night, after a ride up to the top of the Costanera Center to watch the sun set and to see the city lights come to life. Andi, Annie, Allie, Amber, Tanner, Lizz and I grabbed our packs and headed to the bus station for a 10:00 bus to […]

Stories from South America: Peru

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Perusin’ through travel weekend number 1: WEDNESDAY It all began one Wednesday afternoon, Stephanie and I readied our packs, checked into our flights, and jumped on a shuttle to the Santiago airport… but as smooth as this sounds, let me preface with our trip preparations: nada. Stephanie and I fretted over what to do, where […]

Stories from South America: Coyhaique

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We woke up at 3am, grabbed our bags, and headed down to the apartment lobby to wait for our shuttle. We’d been down there for about 2 minutes before a group of drunk 20somethings sat beside us to ask us questions and invite us up to the 17th floor for a party, which we respectfully […]

Stories from South America: Cajon del Maipo 2.0

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When you have a day off of school, you go somewhere. No exceptions. And when you have half of a day between two things, you use it. No exceptions. So one Friday we went to Valparaiso to explore and take pictures, returning to the apartments by 8pm. Then at 10pm, Lindsay and I went on […]

Stories from South America: Arrival

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I arrived to Santiago about 4 days after the rest of the group, since I had been photographing the medical mission in Nicaragua. So for the fourth flight of the year, I migrated through the airports alone to find my connections. I met doctors from Managua and photographers from Chile, and after 36 hours of […]

A Season of Preparation || Nashville

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December. The end of a semester. Nashville was full of amazing opportunities this semester, as hard as it may have been. I returned from Ireland in early August and came straight to campus the following week. Instantly God began to open doors for me to continue what I did in Ireland. I jumped back into […]

The End… lol jk

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It doesn’t feel real. And as time goes on, will it feel less real or more real? I just flew alone to Ireland to spend 9 weeks in a little town, doing whatever work they wanted me to. I’m in Europe… That just doesn’t seem true. It’s hard to wrap up this past 9 weeks […]

They Said I Was Crazy.

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This is a story of God’s perfect provision, and answered prayers. “So you need money for college, and you’re going to Ireland for the summer instead of working?” The resounding question, prior to my departure for Monaghan. Everyone said I was crazy, but alas, our God has provided, just as I knew He would. A […]

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